It is important that we fully support our public-school educators by providing them with the tools they need to teach our children.

5 Key Steps I plan to take:

  1. Appreciate the value of our public school educators
  2. Eliminate PARCC Testing
  3. End Common Core
  4. End the state control of local school district
  5. Provide our teachers with tools they need without Trenton’s interference

I plan to assess the entire New Jersey Department of Education and drastically cut its budget with the goal of eliminating it. I will work to make sure that politicians and bureaucrats no longer control what our children are taught, and how they should be taught. These issues will be left to the local school boards, educators, and parents.

We will also focus on special needs students and clear out the bureaucratic mess parents are victimized by when seeking help. The state has made it very difficult for these fine citizens to get the help they need. We will create a smooth pathway for them.

I support School Choice and will provide details as we move forward during this campaign.

With regard to school funding, I will seek a Constitutional Amendment to eliminate Abbott Districts that I believe is unfair to New Jersey’s middle class.